Mumbai Experience :-)

For the first time in my life I have traveled very far from my hometown, it was such a great experience filled with happiness, pain and unforgettable moments :-). One fine morning I was asked “Whether am I willing to travel” I didn’t even think about the Language ,the people, how many days I have to stay … how I gonna survive … but I just replied YES. Then I got the opportunity to travel to Mumbai in another 1-2 months . I expected they gonna send me somewhere onsite :-p but they are just sending to Mumbai… Hmm let me see how it gonna be.


My flight was on April 1st … I packed everything and I’m ready to travel, my mom and my brother family came to send off me. It was 1 hour before the flight departure there was a big surprise for me, my dad traveled so long and came to see me :-* :-). It was around 9.20, I have to start now, I said bye … and I was happy to see everyone :-)… I entered airport and checked in all my baggage and I boarded the flight. For the first time I’m travelling alone in flight 😮 … IndiGo flight it was , I choose window seat and One Aunt was sitting near me .. she helped in putting my belt … She was so kind, she started speaking with me. She was saying I was like her ‘Betee’ 🙂 … the flight landed safely we went to collect our checked-in baggage, she even helped in taking my baggage. She was so good , It was nice meeting her :-). Then i got my cab and went to IBIS hotel. It is an international hotel contains luxurious rooms. It’s just awesome hotel to stay :-*. Day 2: The second day was my birthday and the same day I have to report at my Client Location too, so I couldn’t celebrate my birthday. I reported at my client location and met all my new teammates and got my cubicle allocated. New place , new environment … I got Knowledge Transfer from my teammate who gonna leave in another 4 days. For the first few days I didn’t feel anything, then after I felt a tremendous difference. Because I stayed near to hometown, here its very far … I worked in a big organization with very clean , peaceful cubicle and beautiful campus full of greenery surrounded everywhere and a cool climate, here it is a very old dusty building where your desktop and keyboard will be full of dust, congested cubicle where you will be occupied by full of noise all the time and it’s summer without AC we can’t survive in Mumbai. Anyway have to manage and adjust with environment because “Love your job, don’t love your company”.


Then in few days I have to shift to apartment. One week went like that, I got a call from my friend Runu. She was saying she to gonna come to Mumbai. I was so happy I got a good companion :-). Work was not so hectic at the starting so we both planned to visit all the places in Old Mumbai. We both were scared of travelling by electric train only because of the heavy crowd. But we stayed in Navi Mumbai, so the cheapest and fastest mode of transportation is only by electric train. So we planned to choose train. For the first weekend we planned few places which includes 1) Gateway of India 2) Taj hotel 3) Marine Drive 4) Nariman Point 5) Aquarium . We traveled in the morning, and we reached CSMT station . Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus is formerly known as Victoria Terminus, is a historic railway station and it serves as the headquarters of the Central Railways. The station was built in 1887 in the Bori Bunder area of Mumbai to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria. The Architecture was so good and daily evening the railway station has been lit up with at least 16 million colorful lights to boost the city’s tourism and it looks so attractive. Then we came out of the station but the time we reached CSMT station it was very hot outside. Then we started visiting all the places . We took Mumbai taxi the black and yellow wala taxi and visited all the 5 places. But it was too sunny we couldn’t enjoy anything, and the beach was full of blue it doesn’t looks good and hot wind was blowing and we are totally exhausted. So we planned to leave early.


Then for the next weekend we planned to go in the evening so that we can see some lights. For Saturday we planned 1) Mumbai Zoo — Zoo was not maintained properly 2) Hanging Garden — Felt Bangalore park and our campus gardening are far better 3) Prince of Wales Museum and for Sunday we planned 1) Siddhivinayak Temple 2) Mahalakshmi Temple 3) Haji Ali — when u search in Google for ‘Haji Ali’ you will get a beautiful images … But when you go there by 4pm you will be totally disappointed !!! The path was full of beggars, and it was low tide so you can’t see blue sea water you can just see black and ugly stones and garbage everywhere.


And for Monday we planned 1) Colaba Market 2) Bandra Worli Sea Link – is a cable-stayed bridge that links Bandra in the Western Suburbs of Mumbai with Worli in South Mumbai. 3) Marine Drive.


Then we went to all nearby malls in navi Mumbai. Shopping at seawoods mall and watched Hollywood , Bollywood (Razi, Sanju, Gold, Love yatri , Avengers, Ant Man, Fall Out, Incredible 2) movies at InOrbit mall, Little World , Raghuleela Mall , Glomax Mall. Then it’s time for saying Bye to Runu as here Project will be on hold for next few months so she will be leaving by next week. So we again planned to visit all the places for the last time. This time we went little late and saw Mumbai city was glowing with full of lights. We 1) GateWay 2) Marine Drive 3) Bandra Worli Sea Link 4)And Haji Ali at night 5) CSMT with full of attractive lights. The tips was so good and we felt so happy !. Then we returned and in another few days she left Mumbai. I felt little alone in my flat. I remember those days we both used to prepare pop corn by 11pm 😀 and have fun. We used to take a walk in nearby road , and have Ice – cream at Naturals. And we both never forget the two Idly that we had for Rs 80 :-D. Then after I stopped ordering Idly in Mumbai hotels.


I got a chance to meet a seafarer, it was one of the most memorable experience I had. He is such a strong person and kind hearted who wants to make everyone happy 🙂 He who loves his job and got a chance to travel the world and meet different people of various nationalities. That is the wonder of being a seafarer. I have seen worlds famous wonders only in TV and magazines. But he got a chance to visit famous wonders that were once only seen in magazines. I hope you enjoy each and every moment 🙂 and improve your knowledge and skill in navigation and develop a positive attitude towards the value of hard work. Stay blessed and happy wherever you are !!! I’m Waiting for bunch of exciting stories when you return back home. 🙂

Then I found good friends in my office too. Whenever I get time I used to go to their flat and we used to prepare food, watch movie , play badminton. Those are unforgettable moments and I could never forget that walk in that road. Days passed like this… Rainy season starts. It was very difficult to got to office itself !!! You take an auto and you put on the screen still you will be drenched, you can carry umbrella but before opening your umbrella you will be drenched, in highway, roads everywhere you can see water flowing. In summer these plants and trees on hillside were so dried but in rainy season it looks full green !!! For the first time I experienced Mumbai rain.


It was festival season Dandiya, Navratri , Diwali celebrations starts!!! Garba dances, which were always performed in Goddess Durga’s honour. From our office they arranged Garba dance and we enjoyed a lot 🙂 . For Diwali they decorated every cubicle and in apartments also you can see lights everywhere. One good thing staying in Mumbai is you will get more leaves and you will get more sweets to eats :-D. Then work starts to become hectic. We got more requirements which has to be completed within short duration . And most of the requirements we won’t get any sign off in expected time and after completion of the requirements some got dropped it was so frustrating !!! Some time in flat also nobody stayed, days started turning bad ! I can’t stay anymore in Mumbai 😦 I wanna go back , I started missing my family , friends and I wanna stay somewhere where people are around me. Then in September I asked for release from this project, but Mumbai Manger and TL was not ready to give release. They extended the project upto December. Day by day work pressure is getting increased. I started feeling like why I accepted for another 3 months. I shouldn’t have accepted this … One thing I learnt “You have to speak up and no one will speak for you !!! You have to stay strong in your own decision and shouldn’t get convinced by others decision then don’t sit back and worry for it !” So I again spoke with manager and said I can’t stay and I said some reasons. Still manager was not accepting for release he was more angry 😀 . He shouted at me, he start to blame me !!! Anyway, I didn’t bother about it !!! This time I stayed strong and I got my release date finally on December 7th . It was the same date I joined infy in the year 2015 🙂 Finally I got me return ticket confirmed. It’s time to say Bye to Mumbai and Mumbai friends.


It was 9 months long journey filled with unforgettable moments, where I get chance to meet people from various states for India, and project experience and more. Collect moments , not things. It’s a big world out there, so travel and experience it 🙂 Thanks for reading Hope you like it 🙂




A trip to Ooty ( Queen of Hill Stations)

         Hello All, I’m here to share my recent trip to Ooty . I went to few places in TN which includes kanyakumari, kodaikanal, kumbakonam, kutralam, madurai, papanasam, rameshwaram, tanjore, thiruchendur, vellore and few places in Kerala which includes thenmala, munnar, kovalam, palaruvi. Most of the trip was 2 to 3 days. But in Ooty we explored only 1 day, still it was so good and I loved the trip so much. We started from our hometown by 11am in our “Ertiga” . We crossed madurai. After crossing all these multiple floor building, luxury apartments , bridges and flyovers, polluted air, very few trees … our car still moving in National Highway but both the sides covered by greenery and mountain ranges. The peaks were shrouded in mist and the green plants that make the place looks attractive.I was sitting at the back seat, enjoying all these scenes and capturing the beauty with my camera. Then we stopped by Thalappakatti Biriyani Hotel- (its a famous  for Biriyani in dindigul district) and had our lunch there. Then the car entered from land side to small hill areas and road is OK, not very steep hairpin bends from there you can see the land area with full of night lights. After crossing these 36 hair pin bends, reached Ooty by 8pm. We stepped out and Felt the gentle breeze off the air …


We stayed in the Paradise resort. Had our dinner with hot mushroom soup and went to room slept nicely. The next day morning … the weather was so good, even though the time is rainy season, fortunately my trip went without any rain. I just opened the window screen, the view was perfect.. The morning mist had lifted and the sun was starting to come through. We had our breakfast and started to explore.


First we went to Doddabetta Peak (Doddabetta is the highest mountain in the Nilgiri Hills at 2,637 metres. ) we reached there by 9.30 am it was not so crowded at that time. So we parked our car and the temperature was 12 C. The mountain villages seem to be permanently shrouded in mist. But it was a very nice walk indeed. The weather, mist, and the natural beauty added it’s own charm. Due to the cold, my hands were frozen 😀 so I captured a few pics and then we left. I’m sure you would enjoy this place.


Second we went to Benchmark Tea Factory. Take a surprise walk into the history of tea and get to know how this wonderful food product was prepared. Got free guidance from their professional guides, also they present you everything from process to tasting. We tasted the delicious tea prepared fresh from Nilgiri estates. The Tea Available at the Tea Museum, are exquisite and specially crafted Tea souvenirs that friends and relatives back home might simply love.


Third we visited the widely known Government Botanical Garden. It has a terraced layout and covering an overall area of 55 acres. Ooty Botanical Garden is such a magical place that it is bound to enchant you! Luxuriant, green, well maintained lawns stretch out seemingly endlessly with charming pathways for visitors to pass through. The lawns and pathways are bordered with vibrant flowering bushes and ferns making for a pictorial setting. The swirling mists and the cool weather only add to the charm! It was such a pleasure walking around the green garden and bound to leave you feeling happy and refreshed! Adding few pictures for you to check out.


Fourth we visited Rose Garden. It was a bummer this time of the year. There were not many flowers! Not that big of a shocker since it was completely off-season. But I would have loved to see more blossomed roses. The architecture of the whole garden is very nice and intriguing. There are 5 terraces, one below the other. One has to climb down to reach each terrace. And each terrace has different species and different type of rose flowers planted there. There are lots of small arches where you can take very nice frame-worthy pictures. And I added few Rose pictures here.


Fifth we went to Pykara Lake. Pykara Boat House is located on Pykara lake. there are several type of boats available for rides. Pykara Boat House, is neat,clean & very well maintained . For 350 rs you can hire a boat,which can accommodate 4 to 6 members, you have the option for hiring power boat also, which costs you 550 rs for 20+ minutes of ride. Also Pykara Boat House, consists of cafeteria.So no need of worrying if you are hungry. We 3 members so we choose power boat. Boat ride is a thrilling experience, when the boat went between the dense forest, I felt like riding in Amazon river 😀 the cool breeze,cool environment makes you feel so much relaxed. I went to 4-5 boat rides but Pykara Boat ride was just awesome !!!  And Pykara Falls, is located 1km after Pykara boat house. I heard its one of the beautiful falls. We don’t have time to visit. Hope you would enjoy visiting all these place.


Sixth we went to Shooting Point: Shooting point is a popular destination and about 7 km from Ooty. This place is also known as 9th mile since it is located at a distance of 9 miles from Ooty. It is known for its landscape those days. Most of the 90s Bollywood movies have been shot here. It is a stretch of clear meadows amidst the woods. You have the option of horse-riding or can explore the place on foot! best way is explored on foot.  View of the entire valley is very charming. We need to trek for about 500 meters to reach the top. The view of the Nilgiris ranges is beautiful. We get to see a few lakes from the distance and lovely meadows in the horizon. Nice range of scenery, one can hang out for a while here.


Few more places that you can visit are Avalance Lake, Emerald Lake, Ooty Lake, Sim’s Park, Lamb’s Rock, Dolphin’s Nose, Needle Rock View Point,
Toda, Kamaraj Sagar Dam ,Nilgiri Mountain Railway. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway (NMR) is a 1,000 metre gauge railway in Tamil Nadu, India, built by the British in 1908 and is operated by the Southern Railway. NMR is the only rack railway in India.
I wish to go by Nilgiri Mountain Rail … will see next time 😉
Overall the trip was Awesome !!! . Ooty is a nice place to enjoy for honeymoon couples. 😉 But I went with my parents 😀


Easy Hand Made Greeting Card for your loved one !

Hand Made Greeting Card
Materials you’ll need:
Construction paper, cardstock, or any paper you have.
Coloring utensils such as markers, crayons, and colored pencils.
Crystal Flatback Rhinestones Gems
Quilling paper


Step 1 ) Fold your card in half to bring the top and bottom edges together.
Step 2) Design the card :
Step by step instructions:
1.Take one light orange quilling paper and quill it.
2.Release it a little.
3.Stick it at the end.
4.Repeat above steps for other colors too. Now make a flower shape with it.
5. You can also make leaf, heart shape etc,. and Paste it on your greeting card.




Steps 3): Crystal Decoration:
Step by step instructions:
1) Paste the crystal butterfly sticker at the center of the card
2) Paste the flower shaped crystal beeds on the corner of the card
Step 4) You can use markers, glitter pens or any Coloring utensils to write birth day wishes on the front of the card
Step 5) Drawings on the inside or back of your card. Any animated characters or  Draw pictures of you and your recipient using a fun memory from your past.




Step 6) Add some layers to your card.Include a personal message on the inside and make a story if you have a little bit of extra time.




I’m happy to say  I have published the same post in my Office website too :-). Hope you enjoy reading. You can give you comments and queries and also ready to prepare any Hand Made Greeting Card at reasonable price  ;-).

We do not remember days, we remember moments – Mcity and Shols moments.

After long time, I again came to write something in my blog were I store my memories, I’m happy. Thanks to my brother to show me something beautiful to showcase my memories. Let me start. This is a next step in my journey after completion of my Mysore training. I ever keep on saying wanna study at “National University of Singapore” 😀 but I would never try for that. But my Mysore training was nearly equal to that . I loved it so much , those luxurious ECC, awesome RC with swimming pool and bowling center, training classes at GEC , weekends at Multiplex , nice climate and clean environment , unforgettable moments , still struggled hard to complete the training then finally came out with flying colors which made a wonderful part of my life. Then the day comes we have to leave from Mysore DC…. There was heavy rain when I’m leaving … Mysore Miss me 😉 I too miss Mysore, all my friends, educators. Bye bye Mysore I’ll still keep visiting :-*. After 9 hr bus journey we landed on M-city at one fine morning. Ooo very humid its sweating weather was too hot at the month of May. I was there about one and a half month in bench enjoying :-D. M-city was equal to Mysore so it’s manageable. I like M-city too. Stayed for 5 days in M-city ECC with AC . The Tea cup they provide along with milk powder and tea bags, Bru or Sunrise I missed it. It was superb.


Don’t wanna leave from ECC any how they won’t allow me so me and my friend searched for hostel finally found one but went for without food. Wanna eat campus food Idiyappam. I remember in Mysore I’ll daily claim mountain to reach Arena FC to get Appam with egg curry, the same happens in M-city too for Idiyappam . The food court , cafeteria was good. Here also swimming pool, RC with bowling center, Cafe Coffee Day, parlor , gift shop and super market same as Mysore everything is inside campus. There was a pond with big fishes in front of food court. Me and my friends sit beside the pond and enjoyed watching it. There was also a small boat house, Takeshi’s castle rocks and a boat in a pond. I enjoyed M-city too.


The day comes … I think that was the end of all my happiness. One fine morning I got a call from TA. He said there was a project requirement in Shols are you willing to shift to Shols. I said NOOOOOO. He replied wait wait let me explain about the project then you decide. WMG was good project, its very easy one “Mane thenae ponn mane” … They mesmerized. Then I said ok will shift to Shols. I was travelling from Micty to Shols in Shuttle. I was into the project. Then again searched for hostel then shifted to Shols. I left M-city. Only one and a half month I spend in that beautiful place. My M-city friends said “Hey don’t go be in M-city itself, search project here itself”. But I didn’t hear their words. Later I felt it’s my fault. Cool people, nice environment and one of the biggest DC with 9 SDB where people celebrate every function very grandly. Oh God! I really missed it.

Then I landed on shols. Very small STP with 7 blocks mostly Uncle’s aur Aunt all senior people. Only SDB 7 looks some what cool. With swimming pool, a small conne xions, Gym, Table tennis, Basket ball ground, Carrom board and some other games. I always wanted to play table tennis but I never get a chance for that I missed in Mysore too. Only thing is we have to bring our own table tennis bat and ball, which I don’t have. I wish to play Carrom board too but I did’t have a good companion, all my friends here are workaholic :-D. Then I was into project, the dark days begins. Training was only for 10 days. Without knowing anything I was into project. I struggled but still I learnt. For the first time, I can’t complete the whole page. I left at 8 pm. The next day TL and Manager questioned me “Why you didn’t complete”. For the next time, I worked hard I tried my best it was 10.45 pm more than 12 hours I worked. Finally, Robin Schulz site was successfully launched at 12. Even if I worked this much still I got bad words the next morning Manager questioned “Why you stayed this long” but the day before night he said “Complete and leave” this used to happen. They still expected more. Assigning 3 task a day, must complete it with bug fixing. Completed that too. They started to dump more and more work. My TL is who never ever show mercy. He who scold another person when they came to help me. So, can’t ask help from anyone in the lab. My place was at the corner where no one is sitting near me. I felt very bad as a fresher no one to guide me. I become insane. I lost my smile. I was dying slowly. Then they planned to throw me away started to give regression tickets were there won’t be any learning. I bear it. Then they moved me under new TL. They shifted me to new place. It was somewhat ok compared to the lonely old place. The person next to me was so helping mind. Thank you very much. Some 3 more persons who showed mercy on me. Around 50 were there inside lab. Every one hated me except two of my hostel mate. Then got new work they assigned Turnkey toaster. Unnecessarily Mang. was scolding in front of everyone saying me to send mail to onsite people and asking me to attend calls. After long process then finally one day turnkey toaster got end. They planned not to assign any work to me. Even if I completed my work QA people won’t start testing for my page. Then Mang. Planned to move me to QA. As QA was full of manual testing also there was one Devil in QA. I said I wanna work in some other technology so I asked for release. Some people are angry that I’m getting release. Those are days I lost my peace, joy, love. No smile in my face, I lost my happiness. Were many people avoided me. I felt like I’m all alone, I lost my friendship. Can’t hang out with friends not even having time for tea break.

Then I got release and came out from the dark cave. But still the Evil spirit was around me keep on itching. My friends said “Give them Itch guard” “If they scold, scold them back” “You are not a ball to throw you away”. Be bold enough. Don’t be silent, speak up. You are working for your Org. and not for wmg. No need to fear of those Evil and Devils. Still I donno how the new cave be. Anyhow I’ll face it, I smiled I left away from that project. I felt sad and wrote in my diary too and my friend read it one day then I remembered what I wrote in my diary came true. Usually what I’m expecting won’t happens. But this time it happens. Thank you baba. May be the Jenma problem got tallied with that person for me, if not for sure YOU will get back everything in return.


Then moved to bench again. I saw my friends. Went for tea break too. Then started working in Accelerate task. Two of the task was completed with 4 out of 5 stars. It was related to JAVA. I remembered my training again. Anyhow daily scrum calls, fetching data from data base and working on tool was good enough. Mang., TL, team was nice. Struggling for a system, still the Evil spirit is around the same environment. Asking me to attend training at M-city at 6 am and asking to attend MANA training at M-city for one month. Mind voice saying : Will do my Accelerate work , will attend training which I wish. You are not my Mang. Any more Get lost.


Then after some few days I enjoyed  few festivals. Onam celebration with dance programs. Then Christmas celebration was good I participated in two competition and got gift from Santa Claus. Drawing on balloons and rubber band separation 😀 Kids singing Jesus songs got some plum cake at the end of the function. Some few days before new year was DJ night. I missed it in Mysore. Here I went, I was standing at the back and watching silently. I wanted to dance but I didn’t 😉 any how it’s good. At the month of January Pongal celebration. Me and my friends went, there were pot breaking, Pongal making, Kolam, Mayil Attam, Kavadi Attam.

Then I’m happy to say I started drawing again. Drawing and posting it on Instagram. As of now only this much. I donno how the next post will gonna be. Anyhow BABA is always there with me. I feel the warmth of His presence and the light of His love for me gently healing the wounds of the past that are buried deep inside me, the soul… wounds left by ego, fear, sorrow, jealousy, hatred, anger that have reduced my happiness all this while… I feel a deep feeling of emotional freedom inside me, I feel light and my happiness is restored… If you wanna be happy ever … Be BABA child and do yoga regularly. Om santhi.


Wonderful Mysore days…

After completing Engineering, I was waiting for my offer letter and date of joining. One fine morning I got my date of joining. I need to report on Dec 6,2015. Before that I have to be prepared with my documents for verification … Finally all the works completed and I start to pack my bags. I booked my tickets to Mysore. This time I can’t come to home for every weekends as I did in my college days :'(….

The day Dec 6,2015 morning 11 am I landed on Mysore along with my parents and my brother. The check-in process begins at Gate-2 then we entered the beautiful campus. There was a big queue standing, you can find people from all over India. Then the queue start to move slowly. Then they checked our bags after that we had our breakfast. Then I went to attend Induction program they provide ID card to all of us. Everyone got tag with different colors and mine was”RED” tag. I always like that red tag very much…Then it was nearly evening 4 pm all parents start to leave the campus … My mom,dad, brother are leaving 😥 ….  The moment  was same as I felt on the first day they joined me in hostel for my graduations… bye ma…they left from food court Fiesta then left through gate 2.

Already I stayed in hostel for 4 years, so training for 5 months doesn’t matter for me. Then the very next day induction program and all details about the training starts. I found new friends,some are my best friends who are still in touch with me. Then on my first weekend we went to Mysore for shopping and have fun, enjoyed. Then next day me and my friend went to multiplex that was the first and also last movie it was just a animated film. It was good. After that every weekend we are busy so there is no time to see movies … 😦 anyhow I’ll go one day to see the movie in multiplex again 🙂

I love my room very much. Before joining I read in a blog  these lines “You love your room very much, but you will be coming very rarely to your room”. These lines become true…


Those rooms were full furnished, luxurious. Staying there, roaming around the campus, and going to attend training you will feel like staying in Singapore and doing a course in NUS. I always dreamed of studying in NUS, these  5 months of training give me the experience of studying in a foreign nation. They also kept kettle and a black mug I love that mug very much…  I never missed to have tea. Sugar , Amulya , Tea bags are provided 🙂

It was Christmas time there are many events going around the campus me and my friends went to Fiesta. It was evening time there are many competition going on … participated , have fun then had our dinner and came back to room… “Merry Christmas” … 🙂



I stayed in Block-81 it was very far from GEC-2 nearly I have to walk 2.5 km in morning and at night I will take cycle. While returning to room it will be down slope so its easy it ride cycle … Enjoyed cycle riding …. One plus point for people in Block -81 and above food court, loyal world and laundry will be very nearer … One day we bought cup noodles and enjoyed at room. Those days while staying in hostel its so difficult washing clothes in hands and step up 3 floors. But here in ECC it was so good we can put our cloths in laundry and dryer , iron box everything is available… Also there will be lift and escalator everywhere…. ECC was always good. My maggiee … taste it 🙂


Every Saturday evening there will be water dance in front of GEC-2. That day I completed my first FA-1 in generic. Then me and my friends sat on the steps in front of GEC-2 … After the exams its good to see the water dance …


Then FA-2 passes … The next day there was singing competition. Some of my friends participated we went to see the competition … Hindi, Teulgu, Tamil songs were sung.


Then FA-3 project was going on I got 4th module. Four members in a team , I was so happy my friend also the same team. My team leader was also so good. We completed our project, integrated and successfully done. Got good marks too…Then one the next day we wrote objective. Our batch owner arranged for group Pic … All our educators came and clicked group Pic in front of GEC-2 the day was unforgettable … It was last day of Generic … All our Generic educators were so good and I miss my Generic class mates … Total 98 trainee from all over India … We enjoyed our Generic.

Then we had Design thinking program it was good… They provide color papers to make all those models… our team performed well. Usually I like paper cuttings very much so I did some of  the models in my team…



Before entering into Stream training there was 3 days holiday … And there was sunidhi chauhan show conducted by SPARK … So we went to foot ball stadium and enjoyed the show…


Then JAVA Stream training starts it was not so good as Generic, because there will be very less time but more things to learn. Then my first FA-1 of generic was over me and my friends went to Bowling… There are many games in RC. I like to watch mountain claimbing, basket ball… then table tennis – I wished to play but I missed it… Then went to Bowling at the beginning I found difficult to put a goal then at end I put 2 goals 😀 ….Huree


Then FA-2 of Stream was over … We are so tired I start to miss my home 😦 … me and my friend sat at Amphitheatre then enjoyed watching birds and evening sky … Arena was so beautiful place where I get my favorite dish “Appam” and also i met many new friends… The Arena location was also so good at evening time it will be so good to have a cup of tea :-)….


The next there was a shooting going inside the campus that night they put lights in multiples it was Awesome…


Then FA-3 was over … I wanna so this beautiful place of Mysore to my parents I invited then and booked room in Guest house … They also enjoyed. We went to nearby Zoo and I took them to new swimming pool which was opened few days before…


Then FA-4 project was going on … Our project was also completed. Results came… I have improvement exams 😦 Everyone got their location and release mail my friends start to move from Mysore But a few got Rescaling and Upscaling and stayed with me … I was all alone with some new people and wrote the exams… Those days I can’t even enjoy anything, not like to smile and didn’t watch pigeon through the GEC-2 2nd floor window. Days passes, those 10 days I wrote 3 exams from Friday to next Friday… This time all the exams were good. Anyhow I told myself and parents get prepared for both … One is getting into company or moving out from the company… The results came at night 9 pm I went with my friend to GEC-2 … Oh BABA please save me I opened fp/ … Result was “GOOD”… Qualified FP …. I won 🙂 .. Then I enjoyed the last few day until I get my release mail… Went to GEC-1 it was very good compared to GEC-2 they have gardening inside and lift and escalator also so good … Rainy season starts in Mysore … The climate was so good … I start to miss Mysore …


I love GEC-2 library very much… It was a largest library … Peaceful moments in library was so good … At evening time the sun rays enter through the glasses looks beautiful … The AC also so good … You can find all DC Pic in library. Every time while going to library I’ll be looking all the DC Pic…


The day I got my release mail. I booked my tickets and packed my bags.I met all my friends, I met Ruchi  and said bye … I missed them. Next day I returned my keys … And I gave my “RED” tag and got my “BLACK” tag … Huree I got my black tag 🙂 … It was raining heavily I was standing outside waiting for cab they took us and dropped near Fiesta … The same place where I entered and the same place where I left. Took selfie with my friends … the rain didn’t stops…  Mysore is saying don’t leave 🙂 I miss Mysore DC…


Those 5 months of training came to “The end” lovely moments, kind friends, beautiful DC, comfortable ECC, good RC, fantastic GEC … will never returns back … Wanna to be there again as a trainee. “Those memories live in my heart forever and can never be replaced”… Thank you BABA for all those things you have offered to me…


Most beautiful GEC-2 :-* ….. Missing Mysore DC. I’ll see you again one the next kalpa 🙂

My hobby

I love drawing very much , I wish to draw all small things that attract my eyes. I like nature drawing very much and wish to give my drawings to my friends. I usually participate in school level competitions and got prizes. It was fifth std there was a big competition, the theme is to draw Asiatic leapord. I didn’t even saw that animal but I have to draw it. Still 2 days more, then I planned to keep tiger as a model and draw a leapord more or less the same face and in body I put black dots instead of strips.I do not got any prizes but happy to say they believe its a Asiatic leapord ;-). My drawing tools.

And one of the drawing I give it to my friend. If anybody wish you may ask , willing to give my drawing as a presents… Bye 🙂

Playing with toys

I still remember those beautiful days , there were no tension no work and I’m a free bird ,only thing is playing, playing, playing :-). When I was studying L.K.G there will be school only for half a day , after reaching home I will start to play with my toys. If I got 2 rupee I will spent one for getting a toy and the remaining for chocolates.So each day the collection of toys was increasing ,a sack was not enough to dump it up. I usually built a toy house it contains all rooms as a real house. You could cook in the kitchen it contains all the utensils, you could take rest on the bed room, watch the tv, play on the ground with small bat & ball and more… You just can play with your toys but its not as luxurious as Barbie house, its as little as Ooggy’s house 😉

How is it ? wanna cook with it ? you can cook dosa, chappathi, rice and more 😉 Shhh….These are some of the remaining I kept it safe till now because I gave many toys to my kids friends.

Small teddy bears it was round up in a band and the collection of cards. So many cards I have because of eating cheetos but not now.


I have a car its a present, it still moves as fast as its first move I move it everywhere on the floor, wall, ground where ever I wish 😉 Happy to see all those toys anyhow I’m not able to save all of those toys, but a few still remains forever as my remembrance.Bye have a nice day.